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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles with the VI Peel

VI Peel

If you have dark circles, you’re not alone. Many people suffer from this annoying condition and frustrating to deal with.  And worst of all, is there could be a lot of different reasons that could be causing them. So, what causing your dark circles, and how can a VI Peel treat them?

The Problem

There is a multitude of reasons for dark circles to appear under the eye, such as fatigue, alcohol, dehydration, or perhaps genetics.

Fatigue: Even just a few hours of less sleep can cause dark circles the next morning. Sleep deprivation causes the skin to become pale and dull, letting dark tissues and blood vessels beneath your skin to show.

Alcohol: Similarly to how being tired causes dark circles, alcohol does too. Alcohol interrupts our sleep, causing less deep sleep and therefore restless dark circles in the morning.

Dehydration: When your body is dehydrated, the skin becomes less plump and the skin around your eyes sink in. Because the skin is in close proximity to the underlying bone and blood vessels, it displays as dark circles.

Genetics: Family genes also play a part in developing dark circles under your eyes. It can be an inherited trait seen early in childhood and may worsen as you age or slowly disappear. Other medical conditions such as thyroid disease can also cause dark circles.

The solution

To remove the circles, practitioners must penetrate to the dermis, improve the circulation, and allow the pooled blood to reabsorb back into the body. The problem is that most practitioners steer clear of the periorbital area because laser and microneedling can all risk retinal damage.
Chemical peels are the best treatment option, however, because the skin underneath the eye is 33% thinner than the cheek, it’s important to choose the right peel. A straight TCA peel will be too painful, while a superficial peel won’t penetrate deep enough.
The VI Peel is one of the only options that are safe for all skin types and will also penetrate painlessly to the dermis!  Here’s so more info about our VI Peels!

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