Everything You Need to Know About Dermaplaning!

Everything You Need to Know About Dermaplaning:

Want to get rid of your facial peach fuzz? Want to have refreshed glowing skin? Consider dermaplaning then. Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment done by our trained professionals with a surgical blade.  Don’t worry the phrase “surgical blade” sounds intimidating and painful but the treatment is completely painless! The blade sloughs off the first few layers of dry skin cells which allows our products in the treatment room and your products at home to penetrate deeper into the skin. Not only does it do this, Dermaplaing removes fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). After the treatment, your skin will be left refreshed and incredibly smooth!


  • Your skin is refresh, radiant and smooth
  • Smaller pores
  • More even tone
  • More flawless makeup application
  • Facial products penetrate deeper and are absorbed better by the skin

A common question:

When discussing Dermaplaning, the most common question we receive is, will the hair grow back darker and thicker? This is a recurring misunderstanding and the answer is no; Dermaplaining will not cause the hair to grow back thicker or darker. It’s actually physiologically impossible. Vellus hair, which is the fine soft hair that covers the entire body, is different from terminal hair (the course dark hair that grows on the head, underarms, legs and public area). Vellus hair will eventually grow back within 4 weeks, however will be completely unchanged from its original state.

Wide Appeal:

Dermaplaning works for all skin types!  Even if you have acne or sensitive skin, ZONA’s aesthetician, Chelsea, will discuss your options. This treatment is also perfect for woman who are pregnant or nursing since it is gentle and there are no chemicals to worry about.   It is also a first choice for clients who are prone to broken capillaries and should not do Microdermabrasion or clients who have excess vellus hair on the face.

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