Esthetician Skincare Hacks

We are so fortunate at ZONA Med Spa to have two estheticians with over 10 years’ experience and knowledge in the skincare industry.   This week, we asked Chelsea and Jackie to compile a list of their favorite skincare tips and hacks to share with you!

  1. Wash your face after your hair in the shower to get products off your vellus hair (peach fuzz) and your hair line. Most of the time when people experience breakouts along the hair line, it is from trapped hair products!
  2. Dry lips? Our favorite lip exfoliation is simple: a new and dry mascara wand! Use it with lip balm for some extra moisture. 
  3. Mix your cleanser with your exfoliating scrub to save on your product usage. If you are using medical grade skincare, you already know a little goes a long way… imagine mixing your cleanser and scrub together! Both will last longer than you planned for. 
  4. Stop using cotton rounds. This may come as a surprise to most, but cotton rounds are so absorbent and wasteful. Rather than your skin soaking up the goods, you give it to the cotton round. Use your (clean) hands!
  5. Use an oil cleanser for your first cleanse. Double cleansing is an important part of any skin routine. Think of it like sweeping, then mopping… your first cleanse removes your makeup and all the debris from the day. Your second cleanse is what really cleans your skin and gives you the benefits! 
  6. The amount of eye cream you use should never exceed the size of a rice grain. It is so easy to overuse eye cream! It is also important you know how to properly apply eye cream to get the best benefits.  Apply a small amount to your ring fingers. Dot the cream around your eyes and out to your temples. Then rub it in! Like in the pattern of a superhero mask. If your eye cream allows, don’t neglect those upper lids!
  7. Cut your products open. Destroy them. When you think you’ve run out, you are probably wrong! Cut the top off and scoop out all the extra goodness. 
  8. Lash tints can give the look of mascara without wearing any! Lash tints are super ideal for blondes and redheads. An amazing pre-vacation treatment! 
  9. Use an eye cream with caffeine to help reduce puffiness. 
  10. Spread out your product before rubbing it in. Apply to your fingertips, dot around your face, then rub it in! We recommend this so your products doesn’t all absorb in one spot, which helps reduce skin irritation. 
  11. Skin breaking out more than usual? No salicylic acid for a spot treatment? Fear not! Crush up some aspirin and add a couple drops of water to create a paste. Salicylic is derived from Aspirin and will work in a pinch! 
  12. Use a moisturizer on top of your retinol or tretinoin once it is absorbed. 
  13. Don’t use a lot of pressure when you exfoliate. Don’t scrub your problem areas harder, just spend a little extra time there. 
  14. Apply your products from thinnest consistency to thickest. Cleanse, tone, serums, then moisturizer and SPF!

We hope this helped give you a gentle reminder or some new tips and tricks for you to try at home! As always, we are here to help. Have more questions for our Esthi’s? Book a skin consultation with Chelsea or Jackie here.

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