Does Drinking Water Cure Dry Skin?

When your body is thirsty it needs water. So the same goes for dry, thirsty skin too right? Not necessarily. We hear all the time, “Drink lots of water for hydrated, clear skin!”, but the truth is, this method isn’t effective.⁣

Why isn’t it effective?

Seriously, we hear it all the time, from clients to twitter skincare tip threads. We’ve been bombarded by the idea that water is a cure-all for our skin. However, a normally hydrated person won’t see a difference in their skin after drinking more water. In fact, your skin is the *very* last organ that receives hydration from ingested water. Dry skin is an external problem and is best treated from the outside. External factors such as skincare products, environment, and genetics determine how dry your skin is or will become.⁣

Sometimes our skincare products are the very problem. Products with fragrances or overly harsh chemicals, and over-exfoliation, can cause dry skin.  Those with sensitive skin tend to be on the dry side. Exposure to low humidity, cool air, and dry winds are also drying for the skin. Lastly, genetics play a huge role in our skin type. Skin conditions are passed down within a family from generation to generation, so dry skin is out of our control when it comes to DNA.⁣

The best solution?

The best solution for dry skin is to treat it from the outside with a hydrator and a moisturizer. Don’t know the difference? That’s okay! For a while, I thought those words were interchangeable too. Moisturizers and Hydrators serve two totally different purposes, and most people (especially people with dry skin) will need both products. Moisturizer seals what moisture you already have into the skin, while hydrating products are designed to increase more moisture in the skin. So you’d apply a hydration product first (to create moisture) and a moisturizer second (to seal it all in).⁣

Other ways to treat or prevent dry skin include:


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