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Do You Actually Need a Humidifier for Your Skin?

You’ve seen the trend all over Instagram, but the question still stands: should you be using one too? What are the benefits for you; or is it just another skin scam? Let’s talk humidifiers! 

How Does Humidity Effect the Air?

Even if your skin feels the same year-round, the levels of humidity in the air can still affect your hydration and your skin’s barrier. When the air is humid, hydration from your skin can barely evaporate, therefore your skin can retain moisture. Dry air will have opposite effects. The air will evaporate your skin’s readily-available moisture and leave it dry, and it some cases, flaking/cracked. 

Low humidity in the air is even more daunting if you’re worried about anti-aging (but let’s be real, who isn’t). It’s been proven that even a 30% decrease in air humidity can lead to significantly reduced skin elasticity and deepen fine lines and wrinkles in just 30 minutes, according to a 2007 scientific study in Japan on the skin effects of room humidity

Not only is this relevant in the colder months, but central heating in a home or office can also compromise your skin’s barrier. On top of all that, for those of you who live in Arizona, our average humidity levels out at about 36%. 

How Can a Humidifier Help?

Portable humidifiers help change the environment that you’re in by emitting moisture into the air and your skin. This helps to keep your skin’s barrier closed and lock in your skin’s hydration. Humidifiers are extremely helpful in the colder months, or (if you’re like me) and live in a dry environment, they can be used almost year-round! 

Do you need a Humidifier?

This really depends on how much you think you’d benefit from it. It may seem like a boujee thing to invest in for your skincare; but a humidifier could greatly benefit you if you naturally have dry skin, live in a dry climate, or if your skin has been dehydrated for a while and nothing else seems to be working. Bonus: If you have dry patches, eczema, or psoriasis, a humidifier can also help make your life much more comfortable. 

If you have oily skin or skin that doesn’t seem to be affected by the changing season – then maybe it’s not right for you. Just make sure to load up on hyaluronic acid and moisturizing products to help your skin along. 

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