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Peel Season

I don’t know about you but when I think of fall, I think of colorful leaves, pumpkin flavored everything and peeling away that summer damage! Okay maybe I’m the only one who thinks of that last one but typically, October is the start of peel season! With cooler weather and a lower UV index (FINALLY!) hitting AZ this is the time of year we recommend getting those more aggressive downtime treatments. Although, 2020 has really left it open for us to have all the major downtime treatments at any time with all the staying at home we’ve been doing, let’s be real.

To Peel or Not to Peel

That is always a good question! Many people have been interested in a deeper chemical peel but have never done one. Whether or not they are a good candidate for our deeper VI Peels is a common question I get. VI Peels are great for all skin types and treat a variety of skin concerns! Most people are a good candidate for this type of treatment except for people who are pregnant, breast feeding, or allergic to Aspirin.  Besides that, I personally don’t recommend this peel for those people who will pick or pull of that peeling skin before it’s ready (aka me). VI Peels do require you to have some downtime meaning no sun exposure, no exercise or heating up your core temperature, no makeup and definitely no picking. Those who can’t give those things up for 7 days (again, me) are not recommended for this peel.

VI Peel, VI Advanced and VI Peel Precision Plus

For those of you who want your face to fall off and reveal brand new baby skin underneath, these peels are for you! All three of the VI Peels we carry are safe for all skin types, medium-depth peels, have results in 7 days, and are safe to use for all Fitzpatrick types I-VI.

What's the Difference?

VI Peel contains a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients suitable for all skin types. This peel will help to improve the tone, texture, and clarity of your skin and provide anti-aging benefits. Tightens skin, smooths texture, and brightens tone. Specifically formulated to rejuvenate and help prevent future damage to the skin. A great first-time peel for all age groups who want fresh, healthy, radiant skin.

VI Peel is Perfect for These Skin Concerns:

  • Sensitive Skin
  • Early Signs of Aging (Ages 20+)
  • Rough Texture
  • Keratosis Pilaris

VI Peel Benefits

  • Restores a more even skin tone
  • Smooths away rough skin
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces the appearance of Keratosis Pilaris

VI Peel Advanced is formulated to combat the effects and signs of aging. Made from a synergistic blend of ingredients, this targeted formula provides for a deeper penetration to soften fine lines and wrinkles. The collagen enhanced stimulation increases cell turnover and promotes a decrease in loss of elasticity.  

VI Advanced is Perfect for these Skin Concerns

  • Aging Skin (Ages 40+)
  • Wrinkles
  • Fine Lines
  • Loss of Elasticity

VI Advanced Benefits

  • Softens fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smooths away rough skin texture
  • Penetrates mature skin
  • Stimulates collagen production

Your Peel for Skin Discoloration the VI Peel Precision Plus combats pigmentation with our Lighten Booster and fast acting Brighten Booster. This powerhouse formula effectively suppresses melanogenesis and promotes rapid cell turnover for improved skin tone.

For Skin Concerns

  • UV Induced Pigmentation
  • Sun Damage
  • Melasma
  • Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Product Benefits

  • Exfoliates and helps diminish pigmentation and textural damage to restore skin to its natural health
  • Effectively penetrates damaged areas
  • Promotes rapid cell turnover

Check out MacKenna’s before and after pictures from just one VI Peel on our Instagram! No matter your concerns there is a perfect peel for you. If you are unsure which one would be best for you, or you want to do something aggressive with out your face falling off, we are here for you! Book a consultation with us to find the perfect plan that works for you.

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