2021 Aesthetic Trends

Trends come and go, especially in the beauty industry. Some of the aesthetic trends are fun to try once or twice, some are a new revelation that we never want to go away, and some should never happen again. Last year brought us new ways to invent ourselves but also some trends you may have tried. Fox eye? Brow lamination? Both are trends that might stick around for a while.

You may be wondering like I am, what’s going to happen in 2021? While we have high hopes for 2021 as a whole, let’s speculate what this year may look like in the aesthetics world. The demand for aesthetic procedures has not changed during the pandemic. Beauty seems to always be a priority and as we emerge from quarantine I only see this industry getting more popular.

Preventative Injections

The anti-aging benefits of preventative injections have been trending for the past few years and are only growing in demand.The knowledge of correct placement for fillers and toxins nowadays keeps us looking natural and proud to show off to our family, friends and followers. The stigma of getting injections is going away. Natural looking injections to prevent and maintain is more acceptable and I am all aboard this train! I could see this trend continuing to grow for the next year and beyond. Increased proactive use of injectables such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin on clients in their 20s and 30s can resolve minor aesthetic issues. Meaning instead of needing a face lift or more invasive aesthetic surgeries later in life, you may no longer feel the need for it.  

Inclusive Treatments for all Skin Tones

According to the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, hair care, skincare, and makeup are finally taking the steps to embrace all skin types and all skin tones. A long time coming but this means advertising, imagery, and clinical trials will be inclusive of the full range of skin tone diversity that we see in the human race. Expect to see the entire industry calling for more inclusivity in 2021.

Natural Enhancement over Alteration

Like mentioned before, natural looking injections are no longer a trend and just the way the industry is now, or should be now. Injectors go through extensive continuing education to stay up to date on current trends, understanding anatomy, and what products look great in each area of the face. Now more than ever people are seeking less invasive, subtle changes over time. 

The Bounce Back

According to a report by Markets and Markets, the medical aesthetics market is projected to grow by $5B in the next five years, climbing from $9.4B in 2020 to approximately $15.9B in 2025. Another study from the Aesthetic Medicine And Cosmetic Surgery Market states that “The global Aesthetic Medicine And Cosmetic Surgery market is anticipated to rise at a considerable rate… between 2020 and 2026.” We may have had to adapt to new changes in 2020, but the aesthetic industry is continuing to grow in 2021! 

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