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Answers to the Most Common Skincare Questions We Get

Skincare can be confusing, we totally understand. And we receive so many good questions every single day. Since there is a handful of questions that we get, again and again, we thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of the most commonly asked skincare questions and answer them all!

Do I really need to wear SPF inside?

Yes! Ultraviolet rays easily penetrate through windows and can cause damage to your skin. That’s why daily sunscreen use is so important, even if you’re just heading to the office all day, that driving time spent in the sun adds up! Make to reapply every 2 hours if you’re in direct sunlight or before your commute home.

Is washing your face in the morning really necessary?

You washed off all the makeup and dirt the night before so why do I need to wash my face again in the morning? Well, first off, most people do sweat in the middle of the night and sweat can lead to acne. Second, your pillow builds up all the sweat and oil, so you need to wash that off in the morning so it doesn’t sit on your face all day. Lastly, your skin regenerates while you sleep, therefore those extra dead skin cells need to be sloughed off.

It’s not necessary to do a double cleanse in the morning, but it is helpful to do a quick cleanse to refresh your skin and start off with a clean slate for the day.

When should I start using anti-aging products?

Prevention is easier than correction; it is what we always say. But that doesn’t mean you need to be using ALLL the products by your early 20s. The absolute best and the first anti-aging product you should be using daily is sunscreen. SPF is your number one defense against skin aging!

Anti-aging products can start very simply with a moisturizer. And then progress with eye cream, vitamin c serums, and the wholy grail of anti-aging retinol. No matter the age, we always recommend assessing your skin concerns and using that to inform what ingredients and products will best benefit you.

Do I have to use Vitamin C in the morning or afternoon? Or both?

They’re no wrong time to apply vitamin c. Most vitamin c serums will instruct you to apply is morning and night, however, we always tell our client to use vitamin c in only the morning to save product! This is especially true if you’re using retinol at night.

Do I need to be using an oil cleanser?

While oil cleanser has been around for a minute now, people have only recently started to hop on the double cleansing bandwagon. So do you? Well, personally I believe oil cleansing is essential. Oil cancels out oil, therefore it’s going to break down your makeup and oil from the day much better than a water-based cleanser. After an oil cleanse, follow up with a regular cleanser to lift away dirt and dry dead skin cells.

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