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Your Skin Gets Hangovers Too, Heres How to Fix It

You drink Gatorade, eat greasy foods, and take naps but how do you take care of your skin? Drinking alcohol leads to the constriction of blood vessels, resulting in dull, dry-looking skin in addition to bloating and puffiness. Even worse (and we hope this is not happening) but chronic consumption of booze can lead to a loss of skin elasticity, meaning sagging jowls and fine lines and wrinkles. Before you cancel all the plans, though, the good news: There are things you can do to help your largest organ out.

Before Drinking:

After Drinking:


Hopefully, you’re greeted with your glowing-skin-as-usual the day after, and if you also have a text—” Let’s go out tonight?”—you know what to do.

For More Information:

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