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Your Beauty Routine During Pregnancy

We get asked all the time, “Can you do Botox when you’re pregnant?” or, “Can I do laser while I’m breastfeeding?” While the answer may seem obvious, there is a lot of mixed information out there regarding what beauty treatments you can and can’t receive during pregnancy or breastfeeding. 

First of all, congratulations on your bundle of joy! Pregnancy is an exciting time full of changes. It’s common knowledge that you have to give up the wine for a bit (bummer!), but it may come as a shock that your skincare routine needs to change also. I have compiled a list of treatments and ingredients that are not recommended for our mommas-to-be, but don’t worry, I included plenty of recommendations for what we consider to be safe for you and baby. Please always consult with your doctor first, as every pregnancy is unique and individualized. 

Ingredients and Treatments to Avoid:

We recommend completely avoiding this list for many reasons. Most people think these are an obvious no when you are pregnant but what about when you are just breastfeeding? Your body is still experiencing many hormones and sensitivities making your skin react differently than it normally would. This could mean developing more pigmentation that otherwise could have been avoided. Please wait to come see us for these treatments and products until after you have finished breastfeeding.

Ingredients and Treatments that are “iffy”:

This means that we will not be using any of these products or treatments with you in office but, discuss with your doctor on what would be best for you.

What IS safe!

Finally! The list of things you absolutely can do and use throughout pregnancy and beyond! As for product recommendations, we are a little biased. Here at ZONA we all use and love Revision Skincare, Skinceuticals and SkinBetter. There are many products out there that are safe for pregnancy but these are a few of our favorite medical grade ones.

While the list of what you cannot do may seem long and extensive, focus on what you can do! Self care doesn’t always mean skincare. Sure, you can’t do a chemical peel or a hydrafacial, but you can get a manicure! You can get a regular facial! You can even get a massage. It’s all worth it for 9 months and a beautiful and healthy baby in the end! As always we are here to help you through the skin changes in this stage, and any other stage of life.

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