The Most Under-the-Radar Uses for Your Favorite Injectables

Injectable Uses you Probably Didn’t Know About:


1. To diminish the look of cellulite and dimples

Booty gains are just an injection away! One use of injectables, specifically Sculptra, is used to fill dimples and cellulite on the thighs and butt. This one has actually gained more popularly just recently, and our injector Michele can even perform a Sculptra Butt Lift. The filler is used to fill in the divots or dimples, but also helps to lift the skin so the appearance of some of that superficial crepiness and cellulite is diminished.

2. To add structure to the temples

The temple region is one part of the face that most people don’t realize can really age you. As volume is lost from the area, the temples can start to become hollow and sunken in. This occurs naturally with aging, but also with weight loss. Filling them in with either Sculptra or Juvederm Voluma can be a very effective way to treat facial wasting and loss of volume.

3. To plump up the earlobes

Earlobe filler

It may not be the first part of the body that you think of when battling the signs of aging, but the earlobes can actually become very aged and damaged. Our natural aging process and constant wear of earrings can cause the earlobes to look droopy or even wrinkled. Injecting them with filler can help to prevent further stretching or widening of the pierced hole. Not to mention, it shows off your earrings better!

4. To Plump up veiny hands

Not many people are aware, but the hands give away significant signs of aging. As we age, our hands lose collagen and become very veiny looking. When dermal fillers are injected into the hands, the skin begins to lift off the veins making them look more plump, hydrated, and youthful. Radiesse has been FDA approved for the hands, as well as Restylane Silk. Not to mention, our injector Michele Hunter, RN CANS, is certified and specializes in Radiesse for the hands.

5. To erase chin wrinkles

People often don’t think of the chin as an indication of age. However, once wrinkles and dimpling set it, it can add a few years to our appearance. The muscles in the chin are constantly moving when we talk, therefore wrinkles can form quickly. Injecting neurotoxins such as Botox or Dysport in the chin relaxes these muscles just enough to smooth out the wrinkles and the cobblestone texture.

6. Resolve pesky acne scars

Skin problems aren’t always temporary. Sometimes, acne can leave behind scars that cause uneven facial texture. Dermal fillers are an excellent way to treat acne scars quickly, safely, and effectively. Just like wrinkles, these pitted scars can be lifted up and filled with long-lasting dermal fillers.

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