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The 15 Best Skin Care Tips Of All Time

These aren’t your basic skincare tips, it’s the best tips (at least some really great ones) we’ve learned throughout our many years in this industry.

1. Period Skin is Real

No you’re not crazy, period skin is very real. Our hormones are on the rise at this time and therefore our skin takes a toll. It’s likely that you’ll breakout even a week before that time of the month starts. Masks can help balance skin quickly: Clays reduce oil and gels calm redness.

2. Kick Dryness at Night

If you wake up feeling dry, then it’s your night routine that needs to change. Make sure to had a use a hydrator and a moisturizer at the end of the day. Don’t know the difference? No worries, click here!

3. Make-up wipes are not a cleanser.

skincare tips
It’s a great first step in the cleansing process, but makeup wipes are not cleansers. Only a cleanser will fully remove all the makeup, dirt, oil, and bacteria!

4. Spot treating is totally acceptable

You don’t have to use a product on the full face. If you breakout on the t-zone, you can spot treat with glycolic acid and the rest of your products everywhere else.

5. Apply products in the right order, and wait in between product application

This one is springingly very important. A good rule of thumb is to layer products thin-to-thick or liquid-to-cream. Be sure to let your skin dry completely in-between applying the products too. Otherwise, the product could become diluted.

6. The sun is your enemy

Sun exposure is the cause of 90% of fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, daily sunscreen is your number one defense in the battle of anti-aging.

skincare tips

7. If you’re not using a Vitamin C, but you are using a Retinol, you’re doing it wrong

Your skin cannot create, product or store collagen without Vitamin C! Rendering your Retinol practically useless. Add a Vitamin C to your routine to get all the benefits out of your Retinol, and brighten up your skin, bonus!

8. Peel pads the perfect boost when your skin needs it

Glycolic acid peel pads treat lines and dark spots. It’s most effective in individually wrapped peel pads (the pH of glycolic acid can change when it’s exposed to air). Do it once a month for a safe at-home “peel”.

9. Change your pillowcases often

Acne? Try washing your pillowcases more often. Dirt, oil, bacteria, and all the bad stuff can get clogged up in there, wash it more so it won’t transfer to your face.

10. Fight and prevent hyperpigmentation during the day

Treat dark spots using antioxidants during the day to fight pollution and free radicals. At night, apply topical retinoids and/or HQRA to enhance cell turnover to shed pigment.

11. Don’t towel off

If your skin is on the dryer side, don’t towel off after a shower. Creams seal in hydration and work best with a little water.

12. Integrate fatty acids into your routine

Your skin uses omega fatty acids to produce lipids (moisturizing oils) and studies show that omega-3 supplements improve skin’s lipid levels and hydration

13. Clean your face after you wash your hair

If you’re breaking out along your hairline, it could be from the oil in your hair products. Prevent this by cleansing your face after washing your hair

14. Chemical Peels are your best friend

Getting a chemical peel, microneedling, or a pixel treatment every couple of months can really help to maintain a healthy glow, stimulate collagen and keep fine lines and wrinkles astray.

skincare tips

15. Sheet Masks are relaxing and good for you

Put one on for 10-15 minutes after your serums but before your moisturizer, you’ll get some well-deserved me-time and you’ll be doing your skin a favor.



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