Something New is Coming to ZONA

New to ZONA Med Spa: Colorescience

We have a new product line hitting ZONA’s office soon and we could not be more excited about it!

Colorescience! Haven’t heard of it? Colorescience is the premium “all-in-one” suncare skincare company. They’ve combined makeup and top-notch sun protection in all of their products. While they have an extensive line of products, we are bringing in just a few we believe our clients (you!) will really love.

Keep reading to learn about what products are hitting the shelves at ZONA soon!

Sunforgettable Brush on Sunscreen:


This product really is a game changer. Sunforgettable is an all-mineral SPF that you can brush on! It provides total protection with Broad Spectrum (UVA/UVB) SPF 50 all in one convenient, on-the-go application. It’s water resistant (80 minutes), can be worn alone, or right over your makeup. Its looks like nothing, but protects from everything. It’s 100% chemical-free; if you keep up with our blogs, you know that’s amazing for our oceans coral reefs. Not to mention, helps protect you from pollution exposure, blue (HEV) light (the light from our phones and many other deceives), and even helps to minimize damage caused by infrared radiation.

Total Eye 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy:

Again, this is another revelation in the eye cream game. This is because it isn’t just an anti-aging eye cream- it addresses dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles all while giving you SPF 35 and a tint! You got that right- it corrects, protects, and addresses eye concerns. Colorscience total eye cream immediately brightens the eye area and corrects imperfections by reducing dark circles and puffiness. It provides 100% mineral SPF 35 defense against UVA/UVB and environmental stressors that contribute to skin aging.


Mineral Corrector Palette:

Imperfections? Blemishes? Dark spots? Camouflage, conceal, protect and brighten with Colorescience Mineral Corrector Palette. With this palette you can achieve a flawless look with five neutralizing shades, all while protecting your skin against the sun with SPF 20. The palette can completely cover light red tones, blue and browns, dark blue tones, and yellow and green tones. We are especially excited for this palette to cover up injection bruises. While we try our very best to avoid bruises, there is always a chance of it.

Lip Shine:

A new type of product for ZONA: Colorescience’s lip gloss! We love (and think you will too) these lip glosses because it has Broad Spectrum SPF 35 sunscreen, is water resistant, has smoothing and hydrated peptides, and of course a touch of gloss and natural color. It is prefect alone or over a matte lipstick.

We are truly excited to be able to offer these amazing sun protecting products, and other products from Colorescience, to our clients soon! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all the updates on when these amazing products hit our shelves.

For More Information:

For more information about Colorescience contact us at ZONA Med Spa. Or book a complimentary consultation online by clicking here.

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