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“Skin Botox”: A Look Inside Korea’s Most Popular Injectable Treatment

Skin Botox. It’s a term we are not too familiar with here in the States, but in Korea, it’s one of their most popular treatments! What is skin botox and what does it do? Why don’t we know about it? Let’s discuss.

What is Skin Botox

Skin Botox is neurotoxin placed superficially in the skin. So without the fancy words, it’s Botox (or other neurotoxins) that is injected just underneath the skin to create what they call “glass skin”. This is different from regular Botox treatment because of its placement. Typically we are trying to treat the muscles that move while making facial expressions. Botox injected into the muscle, relaxes those muscles to create that “frozen” effect. Skin Botox, however, is not injected into the muscle. It’s injected very superficially right underneath the skin. Now, what is the purpose of this?

What does Skin Botox Do?

Skin Botox can help with pore appearance. The injectable tightens them to reduce their appearance and make skin look brighter in the process. It can also help with acne, by stopping sebum production. And is also beneficial for very very fine lines. It just won’t treat deeper wrinkles.

Funny enough, we at ZONA already do this treatment, we just have a different name for it. Micro-tox. Michele has been using neurotoxin for this off-label use for years. It’s not very popular as it is in Korea. Most likely due to the fact that the “glass-skin” craze started over there and has somewhat become the gold standard of how skin should look.

More commonly you’ve probably seen “skin botox” performed while treating excessive sweating – or Hyperhidrosis. Or something similar would be AquaGold which is gaining popularity in the States.

Where Can I Get Skin Botox

Skin Botox can be used pretty much all over – however, the most common places are the face, neck, chest, underarms, hands, and feet. Prices range on what product you use (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, or Jeuvea), what area your getting injected, and how many units you need.


There you have it! Botox skin uncovered, not so mysteries after all!

For More Information:

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