The internal essence of your blood contains life-giving fundamental protein growth factors designed to restore and strengthen your skin.  With a simple, quick and advantageous process, your RN professional is able to harness a very high concentration of your biological nutrient-rich cells and create autologous platelet-rich plasma or PRP.

Platelet-rich plasma is a regenerative technology that deploys aspects of your own biochemistry. The activated growth factors will instinctively know how to repair and strengthen the specific tissues where they reside. Because all constitutes retrieved in the platelet-rich plasma are exclusively from you (autologous in origin), there is virtually no risk of an allergic reaction or intolerance. Nevertheless, before the treatment disclose all the medications you are taking (including herbs) with your technician.

PRP Facial

A PRP Facial is a procedure in which the body’s own platelet rich plasma is used to re-energize cells and boost collagen production. PRP is first applied topically to the skin followed by aeration of the skin with a MICROPEN, a process in which the skin is perforated with near microscopic holes, which allows for a transdermal delivery of the PRP. The growth factors in the PRP re-energize cells to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving the skin’s tone and texture. Following the MICROPEN a second layer of PRP is applied allowing for maximum benefit. While this treatment has 2-3 days social downtime, patients are pleased to see the overall tone, texture and quality of their skin is greatly improved.

This treatment requires your blood to be drawn and spun in a centrifuge allowing the plasma and growth factors to separate and then used topically during your treatment. You may require 3-5 treatments over 3-6 months however, many clients achieve their goal in 1 treatment.

PRP Facelift

In order to restore the look of fullness to your skin, a normal level of HA needs to be restored. By utilizing a long-lasting hyaluronic acid gel like Restylane or Juvederm, one can lift the skin and your own youthful volume can be restored to its natural shape. This injection combined with your own PRP will give you the immediate aesthetic result you are wanting while the PRP will continue to help your body produce its own original restorative materials, in addition to extending the life of the dermal fillers.

This treatment requires your blood to be drawn and spun in a centrifuge allowing the plasma and growth factors to separate and then it is injected into areas of concern to restore and revive your skin and facial volume.

Pre-Treatment Instructions:

  • Having a Chemical Peel or Microdermabrasion two weeks prior to your treatment will help to soften and exfoliate the epidermis and help your body produce natural collagen reproduction, which will make your treatments more effective. This is NOT required.
  • If you are planning to receive Botox/Dysport/Xeomin, make sure that you give yourself at least two weeks post injections before receiving your Micro-Needling procedure. If you choose to do injections post Micro-Needling treatment we prefer for you to wait until skin is healed.
  • If you are taking a blood thinner, fish oil, aspirin or any other medication and you have the tendency to bleed easily while on, please tell your technician. If you are under a physician’s care and need to discontinue your medication for a few days, always ask your physician prior to each Micro-Needling treatment.
  • If you bruise easily, you may consider taking Arnica Montana pre and post procedure to alleviate bruising and swelling (this may be purchased at health food stores, follow manufacturers directions). Take Arnica Montana 24 hours before treatment and continue for 3 days after treatment.
  • Prior to the Micro-Needling treatment a topical numbing agent is applied to the treatment area (unless you are allergic to any ingredients) however some discomfort may be expected. Inform your technician if you are allergic to Lidocaine.
  • Inform technician of any ALLERGIES or a history of cold sores. An antiviral may be given prior to treatment.

For More Information:

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