Signature Lip Flip

Lip fillers are everywhere nowadays. They have taken the Hollywood world and real world by storm. Almost all of us know someone with lip fillers. You may have even considered dabbling in this lip plumping procedure yourself. With the demand for the perfect Kylie Jenner lips increasing, Michele Hunter RN, CANS has created a new service to meet society’s big-lip needs.

The ZONA Med Spa Signature Lip Flip is perfect for anyone who wants a fuller and more pouty look, without breaking the bank. This treatment includes a half syringe of HA (hyaluronic acid) Filler and a few units of Botox to achieve the perfect pout. While filler is used to add volume to the lips, injecting Botox above the vermilion border (also known as the lip line) causes the border to “flip” and slightly roll the lip up and outward to create the appearance of a fuller, more pouty look! We call it our Signature Lip Flip and it’s exclusively performed by Michele Hunter RN, CANS at ZONA Med Spa!

ZONA Med Spa’s Signature Lip Flip is only $299!  This will help you achieve the best results, with the filler for added volume and the Botox to create that sexy pout everyone is trying to get, while still staying on budget!

For More Information:

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Price $299
Exact pricing available through consultation