Pixel Laser vs. CO2 Laser: What’s the Difference?

A few of our favorite treatments that we offer our patients at ZONA Med Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona are laser treatments for skin resurfacing. This month, we’re so excited for our monthly special highlighting these two unique treatments. 

Pixel Laser 

The Pixel Resurfacing laser is administered by our Alma Laser and is great for those who want to improve the texture of their skin. It works by creating thousands of microscopic perforations on the skin, but the edge of these perforations remains the same. This encourages your skin to heal from those edges rapidly. The downtime for this treatment is between three to seven days and full results are seen within seven and ten days. Before your treatment, your face will be numbed to ensure you are comfortable during your entire treatment. The number of treatments will depend on your skin goals, but our Laser Technicians will be able to assess your skin and recommend a custom treatment plan. 

CO2 Laser

We are proud to offer our patients a variety of lasers, including the Rohrer Phoenix CO2 Laser. This laser helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture, and improves acne scarring. The Rohrer Phoenix CO2 laser scanner divides the laser beam into little streams of light. Then these lights penetrate the epidermis and heat the layer of skin below this. As a result, the skin cells heat up and reproduce at a faster rate than normal. This stimulates collagen, which can result in a smoother surface and plumper skin. The downtime for this treatment is a little bit longer than the Pixel laser treatment, but only by a couple of days. Your skin will be numbed before treatment just like the Pixel laser. 

March 2021 Special

This March at ZONA Med Spa, we are excited to offer specials on both of these treatments. When you purchase either one, you will receive a full-size gentle cleanser from Alastin, a full-size compact from SkinBetter, and you’ll receive a free Microdermabrasion Facial! We put this combination together so that you can get the most out of your treatments without downtime. Many people are afraid of how red their face may be, and the SkinBetter compact can help cover up any redness you may experience while also protecting your skin from the sun. 

Click here to take advantage of our March specials and make an appointment at our Scottsdale office. You can also message us on Instagram, or call/text the office at (480) 299-4975. 

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