New Link Found Between Acne and Fatty, Sugary Foods

We’ve always had the inkling, but now we have some proof. Ever since we little pre-teens we’ve heard, “don’t drink alcohol, stay away from potato chips, chocolate is bad for your skin” the list goes on and on. Luckily, the new study published in JAMA Dermatology aims to further prove the link between diet and how it affects your skin. 

The paper, titled “Association Between Adult Acne and Dietary Behaviors,” looked at 24,452 participants who classified themselves as either: never having acne, past acne, or current acne. For a period of 8 months, researchers looked at the participant’s dietary behaviors and the status of their acne throughout the study. They accounted for nutrient intake and adjusted for potential variables like age, educational level, and physical activity.

The study found a “significant association between current acne and the consumption of fatty and sugary products.” Specifically, sugary beverages, milk, and high fat and sugar foods were linked to acne.

We of course know that what we eat is directly linked to our overall health. Our diet can affect blood pressure, heart function, major organs, and much more. Our skin is our largest organ so it makes sense that diet affects how it behaves. 

While diet can affect your skin, it’s not the only factor that can cause acne. Genetics, skincare routine, and environmental stressors can all play a role as well. On top of this, not everyone will have triggers like others do. For example, a poor diet can be a trigger to someone who is genetically predisposed to acne. 

Although a link between acne and diet has been found, there are some outside factors that need to be accounted for such as medications, stress conditions, traveling, topical products, alcohol, and tobacco use, and more. 

So is curing your acne as easy as a simple diet change? It could be! Everybody’s body is different. You may experience clear skin after cutting out dairy, gluten, or some junk food, and some might not see any change. Try it out for yourself!

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