Juvederm Voluma just got FDA Approval for the Chin

Juvederm Voluma XC is one of many hyaluronic acid-based injectables under Allergan’s family of Juvederm products. Voluma has been FDA approved for the cheeks since 2013 but as of now, it has been approved for the chin too!

First, More on Juvederm Voluma:

First things first, what is Juvederm Voluma? We’ve already established that it’s a HA filler under the umbrella of other Allergan’s Juvederm products. But what else should be known? Voluma was specially designed to fill and lift the mid-face and cheeks. It uses a technology called Vycross that results in a smooth, easily flowing gel that can be nicely sculpted. The special cross-linking pattern of the gel not only helps to lift and fill but also lasts longer than most HA fillers. Up to two years of correction!

Juvederm Voluma in the Chin: 

When it comes to facial balancing, the chin is quite important however often overlooked. Due to the way Juvederm Voluma’s gel is made up, it’s perfect for a more “structured” area such as the chin. According to Global Allergan Aesthetics president Carrie Strom, Juvéderm Voluma XC is the first and only filler of its kind to receive FDA approval for chin augmentation.

Although Juvederm Voluma is only now getting approval for the chin area, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been injected and used there. This is called off-label use. Off-label use not illegal or even frowned upon. It simply means injecting the product into an area that it was not FDA approved for. For a long time, Botox was only FDA approved for between the eyebrows but doctors and nurses still injected it into the crows feet and forehead wrinkles. The same goes for all other Neuromodulators and HA Fillers.

Chin augmentation is quickly becoming more and more popular as people are wanting to balance their face profiles. The process is fairly quick and painless, talking about 45 minutes total. Our Juvederm Voluma is $900 a syringe with most people needed about 1 or 2 syringes. However, this is largely dependant on how sunken in your chin is, a consultation is always best to get a more accurate price quote.

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