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Everything Wrong with the Hyaluron Pen

Fuller, pouty lips have been all the rage for years now. There are numerous well-known ways to achieve this popular look, but there’s a new player in the game. It’s called the Hyaluron Pen, and the device claims it can add volume to your lips without needles. Sounds suspicious, right? Yeah, we’re not huge fans of it either. Let’s dive into what the Hyaluron Pen is and why we wouldn’t recommend it.

What is the Hyaluron Pen?

First things first, what is the thing? The Hyaluron Pen is a needle-free device that shoots Hyaluronic Acid in the lips. How is that possible? An intense amount of pressure – the pressure from the pen is strong enough to force the liquid mixture into the skin. This technique is supposed to be less abrasive than other procedures since there are no needles involved. They claim that the risk of bruising and swelling is extremely low as well. It’s marketed as a pain-and-downtime-free way to get your lips done for half the cost of regular lip injections.

Our Opinion:

If you’re looking for plump and volumized lips stick to lip fillers, lip implants, or lip-plumping glosses. The pen is available on websites like, which makes you wonder how safe these pens truly are. And since anyone can purchase them, anyone can perform the service. ONLY registered nurses, plastic surgeons, or dermatologists that have had advanced training should be injecting you. Beauticians don’t know facial anatomy or the aesthetic of shaping lips. They could very easily leave you looking worse than better.

In addition, since the filler is not being physically injected, it lays much more superficially. Therefore, it will dissolve within a few weeks, maybe a month. I wish I was exaggerating but that is exactly what it says on the Hyaluron Pen website. (Under the “Are there any restrictions client-wise” paragraph). Why spend a couple hundred just to have to come back in a few weeks? Lip fillers last 6-9 months… just saying.

To top it all off, reviews have stated that they get extremely swollen and bruised from the treatment. I found these statements about the Hyaluron Pen in the comment sections of Facebook:

*Name & profile picture blanked out for privacy purposes*
*Name & profile picture blanked out for privacy purposes*
*Name & profile picture blanked out for privacy purposes*

So you spend a small chunk of change, have bruising for 2 weeks and then have to come back for more because it only lasts that long? Sound’s like you’d be bruised all the time.

In conclusion, we don’t recommend the Hyaluron Pen. The device can be brought and used by anyone, it leaves you bruised, and is a huge waste of money. Hopefully, we don’t sound too harsh but we care about you guys!

For More Information

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