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Cosmetic Trends Continue to be Fueled by Social Media, According to New Report

The interest and demand for cosmetic treatments has never been higher, and according to new data, it’s not about to slow down. Per the findings from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), the desire for preventative, minimally invasive (injectables) procedures is bigger than ever, especially with millennials.

According to their research, “The average number of non-surgical procedures is up 13 percent compared to 2018. In fact, 85 percent of the total number of procedures performed by AAFPRS members is now composed of minimally invasive non-surgical procedures with skin treatments (up 39 percent), fillers (up 13 percent), and Neurotoxins/Botox (up 12 percent) topping the list.”

The Power of the Selfie

What’s fueling the high demand of Botox, fillers and skin treatment? Achieving the perfect selfie. According to AAFPPS members, a whopping 72 percent of patients reported that getting the procedure was to make their selfies better. Not only this, but patients were seeking cosmetic procedures due to dissatisfaction with their profile images – a full 11 percent increase compared to 2018. Clearly, social media is playing a large role in individuals’ self-image and standard of beauty. Social media is the equivalent to walking around with a mirror in your hand constantly. Top this off with celebrities and influencers on social media guiding the way of beauty trends.

Celebrity Influence Continues to Dominate

While celebrities have arguably always dominated social/beauty trends, according to survey results, their influence is still on the rise. 84 percent of those surveyed agreed that celebrities have a “moderate-to-great” influence on facial plastic surgery trends (up 6 percent since 2018). And of course, ranked Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian West at the top of the list of most influential people. We see this being exemplified at our practice. The client often times will show example photos taken off social media to depict their desired results. While it is helpful to physically see our clients wanted results, we oftentimes have to remind them that celebrities’ looks are oftentimes achieved with photoshop or plastic surgery.

Why are we so moved by celebrities and influencers on social media? Well, we have the ultimate and unlimited access to people that we normally would never come in contact with. We see all these likes and comment on their posts, we see the social validation and we realize we want it as well. Good or bad, it’s not going anywhere.

The Year of Prevention

Preventative injections are extremely popular among Millenials. A large 73% responded to getting preventative treatments to help slow down the signs of aging before they even happen. Millennials are constantly under a magnifying glass, and this drives their desire for little tweaks or frequent but small procedures.

Regardless of the current trends and why you are getting the procedures, remember to always consult a certified registered nurse, dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

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