Drive-Thru Botox? How Some Practices Are Adjusting to COVID19

We now live in a world of drive-up, no contact, and curbside everything. So why not drive-up Botox? We've all have to adapt in these unprecedented times, and through this adaption, we've seen some practices resort to so pretty funny things, one of them being drive-thru injectables. Is this a breakthrough solution to today's problems or is it just plain ridiculous? We go over our opinion in the next few paragraphs.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Michael Salzhauer, a plastic surgeon in Flordia started offering "Drive-Thre Botox" as a "safe" way to still getting an injectable treatment during the pandemic. Stating that got the idea when he was getting the COVID antibodies test. Thinking that if hundreds of people get their blood drawn from their cars, why not get Botox-like that too.

So what was the reaction when Dr. Salzhauer shared this is to his million follows on Instagram? Responses ranged from "Are you serious" to this "This is amazing". What do we think of it?

Our Opinon

We personally believe that Drive-Thru cosmetic treatment greatly undervalues the fact that, while botox is common, it's still a medical procedure. The provider should value the health and safety of their patient enough to not provide injectables in a nonsterile environment. There are over 700 bacteria in the average car, including mold and viruses. A simple touch on the stirring while and then touch on an injection site could lead to infection. Another aspect to be worried about if the client fainting or passing out behind the wheel. Of course, they're parked at the time of injections, however, with some clients, lightheadedness comes after injections.

Then there comes the question of legality. Can they legally inject if it's not under their own roof? Well, every state has different rules as to where the practice of medicine may occur. They must make sure to be abiding by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements. While some of the doctors that are doing these drive-thru services say what they are doing is completely legal and safe, we still have our reservations about it.

Bottom Line?

These are unfamiliar and troubling times. Everyone is doing the best they can to navigate their way through reopening. We have been forced to think outside of the box of how we used to do things. However, the bottom line is, the health and safety of patients should never be compromised for unnecessary cosmetic treatment.

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