Do Jade Rollers Actually Work or Are They a Gimmick?

Jade Rollers are nothing new; they have been a big buzz in the beauty community for a while now. But are they just a gimmick? Or do they actually have real benefits? Let go over this.

What do Jade Rollers Claim to Do?

While Jade Rollers have been trending for a few years now, they have been around for much longer. Rollers and facial sculpting tools have been around for centuries! Originating in China, they were thought to aid in lymphatic drainage. 

This still holds true. But apparently the actual composition of the rollers is not what matters, but the motion of rolling itself. Jade Rollers are said to do everything from sculpting, toning, and firming skin to boosting circulation, enhancing glow, reducing puffiness, minimizing fine lines, improving elasticity, detoxifying, and helping skincare products penetrate better. It's a long list, so we have to ask...

Do Jade Rollers Actually Work?

This is a hard maybe. There are currently no scientific studies that prove Jade Rollers do everything it claims to. However, as stated earlier, we do believe rollers have beneficial lymphatic drainage properties (when done properly). In addition, sticking your Jade Roller in the refrigerator can give a cooling sensation and help improve puffiness. As for the claims that Jade Rollers minimize fine lines and improving elasticity, we think it is a little more far fetched. 

So do I need a Jade Roller? And if so, how do I use it?

This is mostly up to you. Jade Rollers are definitely not a necessity when it comes to skincare. However, if you are particularly concerned with lymphatic drainage and/or puffiness, then a Jade Roller could be a good investment! 

To use a Jade face Roller: Move from the center of the face upward and outward so you are rolling the stone toward your lymph nodes, which promotes fluid drainage. 

So, there you have it! Our honest opinion about the Jade Roller trend. Now you can make an educated decision yourself!

For More Information:

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