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An Estheticians Experience with a VI Peel

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So you’ve heard about the VI Peel (and if you haven’t, click here) and you want to know if it’s the real deal or not. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Both MacKenna, one of our amazing Estheticians, and I just got a VI Chemical Peel together! We thought it would be helpful to share our experiences and opinions of the peel so you can decide if it’s right for you.

What is a Chemical Peel in general?

Chemical Peels are a skin resurfacing treatment in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to exfoliate the first few top layers, revealing fresh skin. This process can improve tone, texture, hyperpigmentation, acne, and aging skin. There are a variety of strengths in which chemical peels come in, each with different downtimes. Chemical Peels are amongst the most popular non-invasive aesthetic procedure in the US.

What is a VI Peel? VI Peel

While the name already has quite the reputation, for those of you that don’t know, the VI Peel is one of the safest and most effective chemical peels available. The peel is gentle enough that it can treat delicate areas of the face such as underneath the eyes, but also powerful enough to trigger the body’s natural Collagen growth and Elastin production to continually improve the appearance of your skin over several months. The treatment is considered medium-depth, is virtually pain-free, safe for all ages, skin types, ethnicities, and just as a bonus: the VI Aesthetics company is cruelty-free!

MacKenna’s Experiences

Hey everyone! My name is MacKenna and I am one of the estheticians here at ZONA. I’ve been in the industry for about two years, and I’ve had my fair share of chemical peels. I have never experienced one quite like the VI Peel, however! Please keep in mind that everyone’s experience can and will be different with any peel.

I’ve suffered from acne my entire teenage life. I figured once I entered the field of aesthetics, my skin would start looking better. WRONG! I am not exaggerating when I say I’ve tried everything- series of facials, light peels, hydrafacials, LED light therapy, medical grade skincare… my skin wouldn’t budge. I knew about the VI Peel, and I knew it would help. What deterred me? The downtime. One full week of sheet peeling didn’t interest me. One day, I finally caved and took the plunge.

Let me begin by saying, I HIGHLY recommend planning this peel when you do NOT have social plans! I thought I could hide the fact my face was falling off and boy was I wrong. Night one (Wednesday), was bearable. I was incredibly itchy and tight, but nothing a little Benadryl couldn’t fix. On day two, my skin was glowing and I noticed my bigger breakouts were already starting to decrease in size. Day three (Friday) was where the peeling began; first around the mouth. My lower face was very tight and almost uncomfortable at times, but that was to be expected. By the end of the day, the peeling was starting to migrate to the outside of my face. I woke up Saturday morning (day four) to sheets of my dead skin hanging off my face. *it is totally okay to use new cuticle scissors to cut the dead skin off.* As the day progressed, the peeling became more severe. At one point, there wasn’t a part of my face that wasn’t peeling! This was my itchiest day by far. I am a huge picker, so it was hard to resist the urge to peel all the skin off. Sunday and Monday were very mild days. Very superficial flaking and my new skin was looking flawless.

Like I said before, I had not found anything to help with my acne. I am really excited to share with you all that I do not have a single bump on my skin, and my texture has never been so smooth. If you can handle the downtime, and follow post-peel instructions carefully, I would suggest anyone and everyone to do this peel. Again, please keep in mind everyone’s experiences and outcomes are going to be totally different! If you have any questions or need someone to talk you into the procedure, you know where to find me!

My Experience

For those of you who don’t know, my name is Jenn, I’ve been working at ZONA for over 2 years and have become quite the skincare junkie if I do say so myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m knowledgeable about the treatments and skin care we offer here, but by no means an expert. That being said, my experience with the VI Peel was overall great! My goal for the peel was to get a good exfoliation and have it lighten up the Rosacea on my cheeks. Getting the VI Peel applied was surprisingly easy and pain-free. Before I worked in this industry, I always pictured chemical peels to be this really intense process, but it’s nothing of the sorts (I promise). After 6 swipes of the peeling solution, my skin felt a little spicy and my Rosacea had flared up (which was expected), and then it was over. They sent me home with a post-care kit and I was on my way.

The night of, I felt a little itchy. I took a Benadryl, applied my anti-itch cream and that took care of that! Day 2 was uneventful with only a tiny bit of flaking around my mouth. Day 3 is where my peeling started, it was pretty significant and all around my mouth area. Again, I had some slight itching but nothing too uncomfortable. Day 4-6 was when I had the most peeling, especially on day 6. I won’t lie, it’s hard not to peel off the skin. You have to have some self-control. But the end result is so worth it!

Pro Tips

To help make the downtime as easy as possible, I’m gonna let you in on some pro-tips I learned from my own experience. First, when you’re washing your face and you are at a heavy peeling stage, you have to be careful. Wash downwards, using a patting technique, instead of circular motions. This ensures that you won’t prematurely peel the old skin. My second pro tip for you; instead of trying to use a liquid sunscreen, it’s a lot easier to use the ColoreScience Brush on sunscreen. Way less chance of peeling your skin, and a lot quicker application! The last pro tip for you comes from MacKenna, she found that coconut oil was way more effective as an anti-itch solution than the anti-itch cream VI Peel provides.

For More Information:

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