A Spa Facial vs. A Medical Facial

Facials are often associated with pampering oneself after a long day. Others think about anti-aging or treating acne. In both case, its all about how good it is for your skin. Which is the better choice? Well im sure you already know where we’re going with this, BUT let’s go over the pros and cons of a spa facial vs. a medical grade facial.


Spa Facials have their advantages and disadvantages. They are definitely all about the relaxation – nothing wrong with that! While every place is going to be different in the way they do things, what products they use, and what their signature facial included. The basic spa facial consists of a cleanse, exfoliation, mask, massage, and hydration. It’s pretty frou-frou but is all-in-all is a great way to relax and take care of your skin. You can expect short term results with a spa facial.

Spa Facial

Though admittedly not as relaxing or luxurious a spa facial, a medical spa is the kind of facial that has the equipment to deal with more serious skin concerns (such as acne or anti-aging) that requires a long term approach to achieve their skin goals. Most importantly a medical grade facial is going to be tailored to your individual needs and skin concerns. We use medical-strength products that provide potent and effective ingredients, can add on treatments such as chemical peels, hydrafacials, and microdermabrasion. All of them should include steam and extractions (ours does) to really get all the gunk out of your pores. And lastly, a medical facial is going to come with professional skincare advice. Your Esthetician should talk about your skins current state and what your goals are and give you a course of action on how to get to those goals. Also, if you have more questions, ask! – where here to help you.

Medical Facial

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