3 Health and Beauty Products you Should Never Buy on Amazon

We all love Amazon. The convenience and the prices are unbeatable. But sometimes, those rock-bottom prices come with unfortunate risks that can be potentially dangerous. Large online retailers such as Amazon and eBay are often the culprit for selling counterfeit, expired, or stolen goods. This is largely due to the allowance of third-party vendors to sell these goods. You’ll want to make sure you are purchasing from the actual manufacturer and not some random individual using a similar company name to dupe you.

We totally get that it’s hard to resist, but here are 3 Health and Beauty Products you should NEVER buy on Amazon or eBay.

Skincare Products:

We have big beef with this one specifically. And no, not because we sell products in-office and want you to spend the money with us. It’s because we actually care about what you’re putting on your skin! When you order skin care products from third-party sites or people, you never know what you could be getting. Some products could be well past their expiration date, some are authentic products watered down (or diluted with something else), some can even have a completely different product in it than what it’s advertised. Not to mention, even if the product by chance is the real deal, the heat (if you live in Arizona as we do) will turn the product bad before it even gets to you.

These random people on Amazon and eBay are not authorized to sell professional and/or medical grade products. In order to sell medical grade products legally, you HAVE to be an Esthetician or Nurse, under the supervision of a medical director, or a Dermatologist or Doctor. These people most likely have no education/training to determine which product is appropriate for your individual skin and hair types, concerns, and issues. Is it worth it? No girl, it’s not.

Oh! Not to mention, if these products are being shipped nationally, you are even at more risk. There have been recent articles on how dangerous levels of mercury have been found in some skin-care products bought on Amazon and eBay.

When it comes to skincare, never cut corners on safety. An incorrect balance of active ingredients can be ineffective at best and trigger an allergic reaction at worst. Only purchase from the brand’s official site or directly from a certified seller of the products, like us!


Just as scammers can change or remove expiration dates on skincare products, they can do the same with sunscreen. As sunscreen ages, it loses its sun-blocking potency. This leaves you at risk of a nasty sunburn and long-term sun damage. Effectiveness is also compromised when the sunscreen is exposed to too much heat or moisture. Your best bet? Spending just a few extra bucks at your local pharmacy (or us, again).


Found your favorite Sephora foundation on Amazon for a steal? It could be counterfeit. Fake makeup and perfume are a BIG business. I mean, just take Kylie Cosmetics, for example. There has literally been glue found in the copycat makeup. It caused awful reactions and a false bad rep for her brand. Don’t take the risk!

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