2019 Recap: 2020 Trends to Look Out for

2019 is coming to a close and we can’t help but reflect on the year and all the things it brought with it. Back in 2018, we predicted that 2019 would be the year of baby Botox, Sculptra Butt Lifts, and skincare; and I think we were pretty spot on! ⁣


For the third consecutive year, Botox takes the top spot on the list of most-researched nonsurgical treatments in 2019. Baby Botox definitely had its moment, in which it gained a lot of attention on social media. Sculptra jumped from spot 19 to 16 from 2018 to 2019 and we saw that first hand! The number of calls and consultations we did for the Sculptra Butt Lift was crazy. And skincare definitely had its moment this whole year – Microneedling, Accutane, IPL, and CO2 resurfacing all saw increases in popularity from 2018 to 2019. Again, we saw this first hand at our office when we had to hire a second Esthetician!


So we’ve covered 2019, but what do we foresee for 2020?


2020 Trends We Predict:

  1. Considering RealSelf’s ‘Worth It’ Rankings, we believe Cheek and Jawline filler will continue to boom next year. Strong cheeks and a defined jawline can make a huge difference in someone’s appearance and we think people are starting to realize that. Before this year, jawline filler was almost obsolete at our office but we’ve seen a huge spike in popularity! 
  2. Skincare was huge in 2019 and we don’t think it will be slowing down in 2020. Specifically, I think HydraFacial will be in high demand as the trend of glowing, glass skin is still very much in. I believe other treatments like Microneedling and laser resurfacing will also continue to gain popularity as they keep jumping up on the ‘most researched’ charts.
  3. Although these types of treatments are nothing that we’re interested in (LOL); vaginal treatments such the Femilift, the O-shot, and vaginal facials seems to be huge right now. Vaginal therapy was rated number 1 on RealSelf’s ‘Most Worth’ ratings. 


Those are our top predictions! Some honorable mentions would be brow lamination, the liquid facelift, and Radiesse/Scupltra for body fillers. What do you think of our guesses? Are we spot on or far off?

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