2019 trends

2018 Recap: 2019 Aesthetic Trends to Look For

As 2018 comes to a close we can’t help to reflect on the year and all the things it brought with it. Back in 2017, we predicted that

2019 trends

2018 would bring trends in Laser bra lifts, Botox 2.0, customized labia’s, and eyelid filler; and boy were we off.

In 2018 three out of the top 10 minimally invasive treatments researched were injectables. Botox was the number one minimally invasive treatment searched, while Juvederm was number three and Restylane was number nine. This is the second year in a row that Botox stayed on the top of this list. This comes as no surprise, Botox has the biggest household name of all injectables. However, some other procedures gained momentum this year, including Microneeding, that jumped from number 11 to number 8 between 2017 and 2018.

So what do we see for 2019? Keep reading to find out!

1. Year of the Toxins

Botox and toxins alike show no sign of slowing down in popularity. However, conversations, particularly around preventative injectables and buzzwords such as “baby botox”, gained much traction this year. Especially with millennials between the age of 18-24 years old. If you remember from last year, we predicted that a “Botox 2.0” (a.k.a a new type of Botox) would be released in 2018, however it never happened. So fingers crossed that it will finally be released in 2019!

2. Less Invasive Alternatives to Traditional Procedures

Little to no invasive procedures are becoming quite popular, most likely due to the little downtime and smaller price tag. For example of this trend is the off-label use of fillers. Sculptra Aesthetic, which saw 31 percent interest growth on RealSelf last year, is FDA-approved to treat facial wrinkles, but a growing number of injectors are using the injectable for buttock augmentation. We at ZONA have noticed a huge spike of interest in our Sculptra Butt Lift and expect it continue into 2019.

3. Treatments Designed to Improve Skin

2019 trends

Interest in improving one’s skin- from acne to hyperpigmentation- saw rapid growth in 2018. As stated Microneedling jumped from spot 11 to spot 8 in just a year, according to RealSelf. We totally concur with this, at ZONA only we’re seen more microneedling treatments this year than any previous year before. The treatment is an amazing little-to-no downtime procedure that stimulates collagen and aids in the improvement of fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture from scarring. An addition, Retin-A had 15 percent growth and Accutane with 14 percent growth. We hope to see a continuation of this concern for skincare.



The most noticeable trend going on? The conversations about modern beauty. People everywhere are helping contribute and bring to light modern day beauty and have helped reduce the stigma around cosmetic procedures by sharing their experiences on social media. As the aesthetics world expands more and more people have choices that support their individuality and personal definition of beauty. We love it!

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